About the Charity

The Touch for Health Centre gained UK Charitable status in 1987. The organisation at that time comprised the Touch for Health Charity and the Bognor-based Touch for Health Centre and was known as the Touch for Health Centre. It was founded by dedicated volunteers with the aim of educating the public and promoting the practice of Touch for Health.

In 2017, 30 years later, the two component parts of the organisation separated, each to better serve their specific aims. The name of the charity was changed to The Touch For Health Charity. The current Trustees were elected to develop the charity further, both within the UK and further afield. The Trustees are all volunteers who share a passion for Touch for Health

Together, with your support, the Trustees aim to continue the Charity's mission - to promote wellbeing, and empower and educate the public through sharing the principles and practice of Touch for Health. Contact us to get involved!

I am deeply grateful for the generous bursary I received. As a result, I am able to continue spreading the light of TFH by teaching it to others and I love it!
— Janice Graham, Touch for Health Instructor

What We've Achieved

  • Awarded bursaries for students wishing to attend the Training Workshop
  • Shared Touch for Health balances at fundraising events.
  • Supported Touch for Health practice and sharing days.
  • Promoted Touch for Health Charity events and fundraising through the Touch for Health Charity website.
  • Promoted Touch for Health through the Touch for Health Charity Facebook page.

What the future holds

The Touch for Health Charity believes that together, we have a very bright future, sharing the passion and love for Touch for Health, promoting wellbeing, and empowering and educating the public through sharing the principles and practice of Touch for Health, both nationally and internationally. How will you get involved?