About Touch for Health

I treasure the Touch for Health Synthesis. I see it as a candle lighting others the way to better health and living. I believe that each of us holds such a candle , perhaps as yet unlit, that can serve to guide those we cherish safely toward a more abundant life.
I hope, through Touch for Health, to pass my light along to you, so that your candle in turn may illuminate they way for others
— John F. Thie D.C.

Applied  Kinesiologist and chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart,  cemented the marriage between modern Chiropractic techniques and the traditions of great Eastern philosophy, when he discovered that we could balance qi energy with our hands.  

A young american chiropractor, Dr John Thie, studying  Goodheart's methods during the 1970's, soon realised that most of the AK techniques could be safely taught to lay people, giving them power over their health and well-being.

With Goodheart's blessing, Dr Thie produced his book  and instructed lay people on how to use the principles and practice of the branch of kinesiology now known world-wide as "Touch for Health Kinesiology".

Today, millions of people around the world, from lay people to professional practitioners, balance energy with Touch for Health, increasing well-being for themselves and their loved ones.

             John F. Thie D.C.

             John F. Thie D.C.